FAQ’s for Touch Screens

Q.  What is OPTIR Touch?
A.  OPTIR Touch is an optical infrared touch screen which uses a scanning infrared technology.  Each touch screen is made with a pair of transmitters and receivers.  When a finger or other object is inside of the active area, the infrared light beam is blocked, and a touch is detected.

Q. How do you install it?
A.  We have a variety of models for external mounting (Add-On) or for integration (Built-In) into custom displays or kiosks. The external add-on models come with Velcro straps, adjustable hangers, or custom mount for easy mounting.  There are also some optional mounting accessories available, such as metal brackets or magnet straps typically used for mounting on a whiteboard or a wall. If you are integrating the frame, you will typically only need the frames without any accessories as you have your own mounting design.

Q.  Can it be used on a TV?
A.  If the TV has PC input, you can use OPTIR Touch on the TV when it is connected to a computer and used as a computer monitor.

Q.  Can it be used on a projection screen?
A.  Absolutely, OPTIR Touch can be used on front or rear projection screens.

Q.  Can it be used in portrait mode?
A.  OPTIR Touch can be used in portrait mode. Calibration tools are available as well.

Q.  Does it support multi-touch?
A.  Yes, it does. Standard frames will come with dual (2 touch), certain models can also support 4, 6, 10, and 16 touch.

Q.  Does is support multi-monitor?
A.  Yes, a multi monitor driver is included.

Q.  Do you need to recalibrate each time my computer restarts?
A.  No, you only need to calibrate the touch screen once unless the screen has been moved.

Q.  Which operating system does it support?
A.  Simple plug and play on Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Limited driver support for Linux and Mac OSX.

Q.  Is it waterproof?
A.  The standard model is not but we can provide an IP65 frame if needed. IP65 proofed frames will need to be shipped assembled.  

Q.  Can it be used without glass backing?
A.  OPTIR Touch can be used without backing glass as the glass is not a functional part of the touch screen.  However, the glass provides a surface that prevents the finger from penetrating too deep through the active area.  If the user's finger goes too far, then he/she needs to make sure to lift the finger out of the active area before the next touch can be recognized as a click instead of a drag.  A piece of glass helps to ensure peak performance of the touch screen and provides protection to the display.

Q.  Can it be used under direct sunlight?
A.  Yes, our IR touch screens function well under direct sunlight.  

Q.  Can it be resized?
A.  Our IR touch screen frames cannot be resized.  We can make a custom size for you if needed though.

Q.  What is the smallest size?
A.  The smallest OPTIR size that we can provide is a 15" (4:3 ratio) IR frame. We do offer smaller resistive touchscreens as small as 6.4.’’

Q.  What is the largest size?
A.  We can custom make a IR frame over 150."  Please provide us with your desired active area and we will quote you directly.