Custom touch frame for video wall

Our large format touch frames are versatile products that do well in any environment. Turn any large display into a touch screen at a fraction of the cost of a built-in display.

Versatile for any Project

Our touch screens are perfect for product designers who need custom-sized or feature-added touch technology. We work with you to understand your project scope and find the right products to meet your unique needs. 

Dependable for Commercial Purposes

When it comes to getting help with big projects, you want someone you can trust. We have been in the business since 1987, making Keytec touch products for customers all over the world. Our touch screens are fast, going up to 450 frames per second. Complete with a 1-2 year warranty, our technology is guaranteed to satisfy.

Scalable for Oversized Displays

Touch screens can be used with a single display or connected to multiple displays to form an interactive video wall. We also offer standard sizes up to 80 inches.

Simple to Use

Plug it into your computer and you are ready to go. Uses a USB connection and, for displays over 90 inches, a power cord. Ships in framed segments. We can also install protective glass for up to 75 inch frames to protect the displays.

Why Infrared Touch?

Infrared touch screens are great for making large format touch displays because they are less expensive and more reliable than other types of touch screens. They are also simple to repair, easy to attach, and accurate with touch.

Custom Add-ons Available

 IP-65 Water Resistant

Multi-touch up to 32-point
Water resistant Multitouch screens
For outdoor/industrial use For monitors, tv's, projectors
Outdoor touch frames are specially sealed to combat dust, spills, and outdoor conditions. Perfect for outdoor kiosks and adapted for rough environments. Multi touch frames allow you up to 40 simultaneous touch points. This is ideal when several people using are using the screen, such as in museums, lobbies, and classrooms.

Size 32" Up to 500"
Aspect 16:9 wide, custom aspects on request
Mounting Sizes up to 75" include glass, larger sizes frame only
Bezel .90" bezel for frames smaller than 80".
1.45" for frames over 80". 
Touches 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 32, 40 touch point options
Connection Type Usb
Frame Black aluminum 
Object size >5 mm to recognize touch
Drivers Plug-and-Play for Windows, Drivers for Mac
Condition New

1 Year