Technology for Hospitality

Why Tyco for Hospitality Solutions?

Restaurants, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and hotels are always looking to improve their services for customers. Technology is an important avenue to help you attract and retain yourcustomers, and we believe having a touch-interactive experience can help keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

Reliable for Public Use

Excellent for healthcare and hospitality, our IR touch frames perform better and last longer than other touch screen types.  The screens do not require pressure to activate, making the screens much more durable. Backed with a 2 year warranty, we can guarantee the products will last. 
Our touch frames integrate perfectly with POS, retail, and hospitality management software, allowing you to do your job easier and more effectively.

Premium Touch Performance

Impress clients with the elegant black frame design that adapts to any lobby or showroom. At up to 450 frames per second, our frames can keep up with busy employees or customers without delaying. IR touch frames are easy to install, making is simple for you to start using them straight out of the box.

Use in many situations

  • Menu boards
  • Display walls
  • Scheduling boards
  • Lobby check-in screens
  • Kiosks
  • Video Walls
  • Interactive experiences