Touch Foil on display


Spec Sheet

Interactive touch foil is transparent touch-sensitive film, affixed to a membrane on the back of glass, transparent acrylic plate, or acrylic panels. It is only a few microns thick. Our thin film display screens can turn any surface into a high definition multimedia display surface. Rear projected images, video and dynamic media content can be displayed in any format, anywhere.
Touch Foil Front

Interactive Touch Foil Advantages:
Super-thin, transparent appearance
High definition, stable touch
Supports multi-touch points
Touch through glass or other objects
Custom Sizes
    Use for business, education, or integration:
    Gaming displays
    Store window displays
    Indoor / outdoor kiosks
    Visitor attractions
    Museums touch tables
    Meeting rooms
    Conference centers
    Info booths
    Corporate offices
      Touch Size
      17" -120"
      Touch Accuracy
      No drift, the deviation is about 1~3mm
      Input USB 2.0
      Operating System Windows and Linux
      Power Consumption Max 0.5W