Magic Touch 18.5 inch add-on infrared touch frame with tempered glass, 185GR

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18.5 Inch Add-On Touch Screen, infrared, tempered glass included, 185GR 6    

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Convert your monitor into a touch-display


Overlay touch screen monitor


Size 18.5 in.
Aspect 16:9 wide
Outside Measurements 17.64 x 10.67 in.
Viewable Area 16.14 x 9.17 in.
Bezel 0.75 in.
Thickness 0.31 in.
Touches 2 point multi-touch
Connection type USB cable attached
Frame Black aluminum metal frame
Drivers Plug-and-Play
Operating system Compatible with Windows 7/10, Linux
Condition Brand new with original manufacturer warranty
Warranty 2 years

Touch Frame Application
- Conference centers - Hospitals - Public schools
- Corporate offices - Information booths - Restaurants
- Gaming displays - Kiosks - Trade shows
- Homes - Museums - Universities

When ordering this item, use this part number: PPMT-IR-0185GR
This infrared (IR) touch screen overlay frame fits all standard 18.5 inch widescreen monitors.

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