Converts LCD display into a touch-interactive device.

  • Resistive Touch Screen (pressure sensitive)
  • Integrates inside of touch display
  • Converts monitor into a touch screen
  • Replacement for broken touch glass panels
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux O/S
 Small resistive glass Medium Resistive Glass Large Resistive Glass
Small(5.7" to 10.4") Medium(12" to 17") Large (19.1" to 24")




  • Usb or serial connection for easy use
  • No external power supply needed
  • Excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  • Left-right mouse-button swap functions available
  • Eliminates electrostatic and reduces screen radiation
  • Touch activated using finger, fingernail, glove or stylus
How to measure


Tyco touch screen glass is a great option for kiosk manufacturers and OEMs working on building custom equipment.  The resistive touch screen is perfect for integrations and works well for replacing broken touch glass or non-functioning touch screens.  The glass holds up well in industrial environments and is built to last. Can come paired with a touch screen controller or with glass only.