Here is how to buy the right size touchscreen for your LCD, Laptop or Notebook computer display monitor. Generally your monitor size corresponds to the same size touch frame, but to ensure a perfect fit, you can measure your monitor.
Measure your monitor screen diagonally to correctly ensure proper fit of your touchscreen.

Do you have a WideScreen or Standard size?  Find the best fit for your notebook or LCD display.

Measure active area
Note:  Be sure to measure only the viewable screen area.
The bezel or frame is NOT measured for Viewable Area. 
Only the picture area is used to caculate the proper touch screen size.
Active area

Compare monitor's view area (VW x VH) with the active area of the touch overlay.  It's fine if the touch overlay’s active area is slightly larger than the monitor's view area.

Now compare monitor's outside size (OW x OH)  with that of the touch overlay. These dimensions are not critical to the functionality of the touch overlay.  They only affects the appearance of the touch display.

The touch overlay’s active area can be larger, but not smaller, than the display's viewable area. Now that you have figured out what size you need, you are ready to order!  

Add-On EXTERNAL Touch Screen Kits

External touch screen overlay kits are touch frames for monitors, easy to install and use.

Add on touch screen on display

Internal OEM touch screen kits:

Built in glass drawing

Internal touch screen glass and controller turn your display into a touch screen without external touch frame overlay.

  • Touch Overlay ACTIVE AREA must be as large (or larger) than monitor viewable area.
  • Touch screen outside area may be restricted by size of bezel or frame.
  • Allow 1/4" extra depth for adding internal touch kit(1/8" touch glass + 1/8" mounting tape)

Custom Sizes

Custom touch screen

If you have an irregular sized screen and your measurements do not fit our products, we can custom make an overlay, turning your screen into a multi-touch interactive display.