troubleshooting touch frames

No response from assembled frame:

  1. Please make sure USB cable is connected directly to the computer.  If USB extension cable is necessary, please use one that is powered.  
  2. Check USB cable to see if it's loose or damaged.
  3. Connect USB to a different port to see if it shows up as a new hardware device.
  4. If a different computer is available, plug in touch screen to check if you are having the same issues. If you are not having any issues with the second computer, it is probably a computer problem. Reset your computer and try again.

If you assembled the frame yourself:

  1. Please check if all connections at corners are connected correctly. 
  2. Make sure all the pins are connected correctly to the matching slot. 
  3. If pins are already damaged, please contact us.

Calibration issues:

  1. On Windows 10, 8, and 7, calibration can be done through Tablet PC Settings. Windows Control Panel >> Hardware >> Tablet PC Settings.
  2. Additional calibration tools can be found on the drivers page.
For more help troubleshooting your Keytec IR touch frame, call 469-914-0021 or email We are happy to help you in any way we can.